Additional Revenue Stream + Shipping Peace of Mind

We work with Shopify stores in the US and Canada who ship with USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post (and other reputable carriers)

1. Additional Revenue Stream

We share our fees with our merchant partners. Revenue varies depending on order volume & customer order history.

2. Outsource your customer service

When a package goes missing, we handle all customer claims. Our main goal is to locate and deliver the package. But if not possible, Trusted Transit will order a replacement directly from the original merchant or issue a full refund.

Our target is 100% customer satisfaction, which reflects positively on their experience with your website.

3. More security for your buyers

Buyers shop with confidence, knowing their delivery is 100% covered, increasing your conversion rates.

100% Free for Merchants

Absolutely no cost to the merchant. Shipping insurance fees are paid (optionally) by your customers at checkout. Fees cover the cost of investigations, reordering product, or full refunds.

How does it work?

  • Our team installs the Trusted Transit widget directly on your cart page
  • Customers opt in to the minimal shipping protection fee (starting at under $1)
  • Fees are collected during your regular checkout process. We invoice you monthly for fees collected (minus your revenue share).
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